Socks For Africa socks in South Africa

    Socks For Africa has been a trusted sock supplier in the South Africa sock industry to national individuals, sport teams, small business retailers & resellers; and companies since 2009. We pride ourselves in exceptional service and professionalism; and can provide a variety of sock options to suit your specific sock needs.


    With so many different designs, colours and styles of socks, it will be easy to find The Sock YOU Love at Socks For Africa! So, choosing; and wanting the right sock is definitely not a boring affair!


    Our sock range includes: Novelty socks; Picture socks; Non Slip socks; Anti Slip socks; Pattern socks; Knee High socks; Thigh High socks; Toe socks; Secret socks; Hideaway socks; Ankle socks; Plain socks; One Colour socks; Industrial socks; Safety Boot socks; Sport socks; Custom socks and Personalised socks.


    Novelty socks

    Novelty socks also known as Picture socks, prove that socks don’t have to be a boring affair! Socks can be FUN and is definitely an expression of YOU and your style! Naughty and Nice; Sweet and Far-Out, Novelty socks match YOU and your toes!


    Non Slip socks

    Non Slip socks are comfortable, cozy socks with anti slip rubbers on the sole area of the socks for a better grip. The soft towelling material on the inside of the sock keeps your feet warm on those cold winter nights!


    Knee High socks and Thigh High socks

    Knee High socks and Thigh High socks are Fun, Funky and Trendy! From plain colours to crazy colours; patterns and stripes, these socks can be worn with day-to-day wear; dancing outfits, theme parties and concerts.


    Toe socks

    Toe socks are soothing and comfortable socks for your feet. Rather than have all toes of the foot together, toe socks have an individual chamber for each toe, much like a glove has for fingers. It is a hygienic sock keeping your toes from rubbing together and causing blisters, thereby resisting bacteria, germ and fungal infections. But, it is also a sock that is fun and quirky for your feet with its glove-like look!


    Secret socks

    Secret socks are designed to be invisible in the shoe. The sock includes a gel strip on the inside of the top heel area to prevent the sock from sliding into the shoe. Secret socks are also known as Hideaway socks, No-Show socks or Invisible socks.


    Low Cut Ankle socks

    Low Cut socks; also known as Ankle socks is a sock that sticks out just above the shoe. Ideal for running, cycling, tennis, netball, dancing and day-to-day wear with sneakers. 


    Safety Boot socks

    Hardwearing boots and Safety boots must be worn with the correct industrial socks. The correct Industrial socks can prevent chafes and blisters and will absorb sweat. The correct industrial sock also improves the foots grip inside the boot through the extra reinforcement on the inside sole area of the sock.


    Sport socks

    Sport socks that are ideal for running, cycling, tennis, netball, golf and day-to-day wear with sneakers. Field Sport socks are knitted specifically for hockey, rugby, cricket.


    Sockateers, sock shopping is an exciting, fun experience! With so many sock styles, lengths, colours and designs, you will find socks at Socks For Africa that you have never seen – or even knew of before! Enjoy your SOCKING shopping experience – where you will find The Sock YOU Love at Socks For Africa socks in South Africa!

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